Hydra – The Beast

“The Beast,” A.K.A. Hydra, is the server that’s been sitting in our basement running the occasional virtual machine, but otherwise underutilized for the past couple of years.  Now I’m making it what it should be, and I’m documenting the process of getting it there.  This article is just a bunch of rough notes for now, recording the essential information and links, but I plan to  clean it up as I go along.

Unfortunately, at the moment, Hydra has to be all things to all people: fileserver, build/test server, virtual machine host, music server, and who knows what else.

See the subpages of this one (menu at right) for the details


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15 02 2009
Rebuilding Hydra « TechArcana

[…] Hydra – The Beast ← ZFS-on-Fuse Performance Benchmarks […]

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