Computers? No Damn Good.

So said a colleague of mine many years ago.  And he was right.

Picture of Dave Abrahams
Of course, that quote really means that we programmers are no damn good, and leave bugs, undocumented features, and Things That Just Don’t WorkTM all over the place.  After all these years, I still struggle with the usability of computer systems. But hope is not lost; we can make things workable again, if we just stop resisting what works.

I started this blog for two reasons: first, just as in source code, if I don’t document what I’ve done, I’ll come back a month later and go, “huh? What was I thinking?” I needed a place to record the system configuration and management things I have learned. Secondly, I’m hoping this information will help someone else. In fact, I’m hoping that some of my friends will join me in posting here.




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