Hydra is Dead — Long Live Hoss!

11 06 2009

It’s been a while.

Hey, I’ve been busy. My adventures with ZFS-Fuse finally got too exciting when I mistakenly allocated a bunch of partitions to both ZFS and mdRAID, and I had to throw out most of what I’d accomplished. Since I had to tear the machine down anyway, I had the opportunity to do some benchmarking of native ZFS on OpenSolaris against ZFS-Fuse (follow the link and browse the thread for complete results). My conclusions in short were that in addition to continuing to be maintained and improved (it’s already one version ahead of the Fuse implementation), OpenSolaris ZFS is beating ZFS-Fuse on performance consistently, and often by a factor of 5 or more.

Finally, I realized I needed something that was less of a hack than my ZFS-Fuse setup with patches, pre-release Fuse, etc. I really can’t afford to spend the rest of my life getting this system set up. So with a little encouragement from Fajar A. Nugraha, I jumped. Hydra is being rebuilt as an OpenSolaris box called “Hoss.” I’ll try to post the same information about doing this in Solaris that I did on Linux; watch this space for updates.




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