Promising Linux Admin Blog

6 04 2009
Pupeno seems to have some really good answers to questions that have been rattling around in my brain for too long, including

Maintaining compiled versions of elisp packages

5 04 2009

Looks like my “portable elisp system,” which started with Peter Teichman’s work, needs some slickening of its auto-recompilation.  There are a few issues:

  1. Some packages, e.g. w3m-el, has internal recompilation dependencies among its files.  In other words, if you want things to Just Work, you’d better use their makefile
  2. Some packages have invalid elisp in them (see org-mode’s EXPERIMENTAL directory)
  3. It doesn’t account for files being removed from packages.  For example, Git’s vc integration was moved out of the Git tree and into the emacs tree, but I still had the .elc file hanging around, masking the file it should have been using.

Not sure what I’ll do about all this yet. If anyone has really bright ideas, please comment!