News Flash: MacOS NDG Either

14 03 2009

It turns out that MacOS has its share of annoying quirks that can result in hours of delicious yak shaving. Here are a couple I just wasted time on:

  • My bash prompts started showing up as “108:~”  Turns out this was due to the Mac’s goofy way of choosing a hostname combined with the fact that when I rebooted my machine I was connected at a TMobile hotspot. Adding to /etc/hostconfig works around the issue, but it’s not encouraging that that file starts with the comment # This file is going away, and isn’t changed when I update the hostname in my sharing preferences pane.
  • Spotlight started indexing my remotely-mounted TimeMachine volume, and my attempts to tell it not to by using the Spotlight prefs pane resulted in an unknown error. Eventually I stumbled across
    # mdutil -i off /Volumes/TimeMachine
    # mdutil -E /Volumes/TimeMachine/

    , but I’m still not entirely sure that will work. Fingers crossed.




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