So Outdated Already?

25 02 2009

Today I finally got VMWare up and running on Hydra, and simultaneously installed Windows XP Pro x64 edition on that and on my new MacBookPro 17″ (more on that later!) under VMWare Fusion. The neverending sequence of updates required every time you install Windows completed in—well, I’m not sure; I’m still waiting—let’s just say a lot less time on the MacBook than on my relatively muscular server.  Yeah, the MacBook has a higher clock rate but the server has twice as many cores, eight times as many disks, and dual I/O channels.

In fact, these updates seem to be deadly slow on that VM.  I don’t know how to account for it; top says vmware-vmx is using a maximum of 36% of one core and zfs-fuse is using maybe 11% max.  I’m looking at an “Installing Updates” window that has had an empty progress bar for the past ten minutes.  It’s almost as though there was some sort of deadlock in the filesystem.  Grrr…




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