ZFS-on-Fuse Performance Benchmarks

7 02 2009

I am rebuilding my server and have reached a point where it would be
convenient to do some filesystem benchmarking. Not much is installed
so far.

I ran some bonnie++ tests but had trouble making sense of the results
There didn’t seem to be any tools with which I could easily graph them
(though I’d be happy to post what I have if anyone is interested).

So I looked around and found that iozone seemed to be doing a fairly exhaustive test and since it has some graphing tools, that’s what I’m using

The current disk layout looks like this:

sdb sdc sdd sde sdf sdg sdh sdi
mdraid1 /boot swap swap swap swap swap
swap swap swap
XFS on mdRAID 5 /
ZFS on mdRAID 5

“RAIDZ0” really just means an 8-disk zpool with no parity or mirroring

Write caches are ON.  That makes anything on mdRAID dangerous in the face of power loss, whereas the pure ZFS stuff is guaranteed to maintain consistency.

Fuse 2.8.0 pre2 and the ZFS cached entries and bigwrites patches are

The system has 8G RAM and two dual-core opteron 270 @ 2Ghz

I’m posting the results here as they come in.

You can get the complete logs here






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27 02 2009
Iozone Author Speaks Out… Hilariously « TechArcana

[…] Author Speaks Out… Hilariously 27 02 2009 When my experiment in benchmarking ZFS-Fuse yielded more data than I knew what to do with, I googled around a bit and found at least one other […]

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