Git Along, Lil’ Dogie

21 01 2009

In a recent post I mentioned that I was going to stop resisting a 100% commitment to Emacs. While I was working on the first step of reorganizing my .emacs stuffs, I also gave up resisting git. I’m now working on that project on github.

I managed to get myself into an awful lot of trouble with the old version of git that Ubuntu ships and a “helpful” emacs package called egg, but the git community members on #git ( were extraordinarily patient and kind, and helped me recover.

Resistance is indeed futile.

I found the following resources invaluable for setting up remote Git repos on my FreeBSD server with lighttpd:

Gitosis helps set up a Git server

Running gitweb on Lighttpd

Also, this article explains how to set up digest authentication to protect gitweb from unwanted observers.




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